Soft self-portrait with fried bacon by Salvador Dali

Soft self portrait with fried bacon by Salvador Dali

On a low flat pedestal with an inscription in English “soft self-portrait” rises an amorphous semblance of a human head. The features of the face, shedding under the weight of their own weight, are supported by numerous flyer-props. These supports on the canvas are so many that they create the likeness of an openwork design, pulling the viewer’s attention to himself.

The brain tries to cover this plexus of vertical lines, losing the ability to focus on the soft fluid features of the face. The only detail on which the task is assigned to convey the portrait resemblance is the famous twisted mustache. Yes, perhaps, thick curved eyebrows, which look like a mirror image of the mustache.

On the pedestal lies a strip of roasted bacon, as if passed by a tourist by chance. People and food are Dali’s favorite combination. “My painting is life and food, flesh and blood,” as the artist himself said.

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