Resting Soldier by Mikhail Larionov

Resting Soldier by Mikhail Larionov

The painting “Resting Soldier” – software canvas, part of the so-called. soldier series Larionov. At the time of writing, the artist often traveled to camps. At that time he was very interested in amateur drawings that covered the walls of the barracks. Usually soldiers depicted women and horses, accompanying frivolous signatures.

The painting was painted in a primitive style, which Larionov turned to, experiencing the influence of Fauvism and naive art.

Critics unambiguously met this picture, namely, with frank bewilderment and even hostility: “Resting soldier” is written like this: he sits, and next to put separately the lower part of his body, legs “or” Completely unsuccessful “Resting soldier”, depicted with distorted legs and lying near the fence, stained with some inscriptions. “

Larionov himself ironically compared his “soldier” with “Venus resting.” The irony, which is expressed in the unnaturalness of his posture, speaks of the corresponding attitude of the author to modern reality, namely, the denial of the values of the culture of the past. The deliberate negligence of the stroke and colors, which are far from the exquisite palette, as well as the plainness of the plot confirm the neglect of the classical canons and the desire to approve a new one.

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