Portrait of P. N. Repnina by Dmitry Levitsky

Portrait of P. N. Repnina by Dmitry Levitsky

When creating the portrait, the artist managed to grasp the most essential in the character of the model: irony, secularism and, at the same time, restraint of nature, expressed in the turn of the figure. The color scheme is based on green and blue tones.

Praskovya Nikolaevna Repnina is a princess, the youngest daughter of Field Marshal Prince Nikolai Vasilievich Repnin and N. A. Repnina, nee Kurakina. Since 1781 – the maid of honor of the empress.

In 1783 she married the nephew and pupil of I. I. Shuvalov, Prince Theodore Nikolayevich Golitsyn, a chamberlain, secret adviser, trustee of Moscow University.

My aunt used to be on the maternal line to Prince S. G. Volkonsky, the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, one of the main participants in the Decembrist movement.

The portrait is depicted with Catherine II’s fraylin code.

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