Night wings by Jim Burns

Night wings by Jim Burns

Jim Burns freely owns any picturesque technique. At first the artist worked as a watercolor, then switched to gouache and oil, in recent years he prefers acrylic paints. In general, acrylic is ideally suited to his creative manner – hyperrealism.

An inexhaustible fantasy in inventing stories, a careful study of the smallest details is characteristic of the entire creative work of Jim Burns. Strikingly believable look fantastic urban and cosmic landscapes in the paintings of the artist. In dreams, we are free children of the universe. At night we find wings.

In the picture of Jim Burns “Night

Wings” we see a wonderful fairy-tale city: like huge lamps, the spheres of interplanetary stations hovered in the purple sky; the intolerably bright sun that shone from beyond the horizon illuminates the city, frozen in the night. The body easily and joyfully soared up, rising higher and higher…

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