Yenisei fields by Jean Antoine Watteau

Yenisei fields by Jean Antoine Watteau

The Goncourt brothers wrote about the work of Antoine Watteau: “Watteau has updated the nature of charm, the grace that we meet in his works is not a continuation of ancient grace – the definite and tangible beauty of the marble-perfect Galatea.

This is exclusively plastic magic and the material brilliance of Venus. It is some indefinite fragrance, a hint that gives women their charm, coquetry and seductiveness, and which is much more than beauty exclusively bodily.

The essence of this difference is the smile of the contour, the soul of form, the spirituality of the face. “For all

the” uncomfortable “of this definition, it captures exactly what constitutes the heart of the master’s talent-the rejection of” finished perfection “in favor of a minute, unsteady charm.

This charm is all the more tempting, especially attracting to oneself, the clearer its “imperfection” and “heavenly end” are seen in it. It does not give comfort, does not promise tranquility, not even hope. It is not air, not bread and not key water, but it is necessary.

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