Winter by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Winter by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

“Winter” is depicted allegorically in the form of an ancient rotten stump with cracks in the bark, which in some places has already disappeared. Stump looks like a pathetic, slightly alive old man. His nose is broken, swollen and flaky, toothless mouth – mushroom – is crooked, and his chin is strewn with warts.

All face is covered with bristles, scars and scabs, small eyes are deeply hidden in the crack of the bark. As an ear – a knot left from a broken branch. The old man freezes from the cold and is protected by a straw mat.

But the fact that winter is not forever, say two lemons – yellow and orange, contrasting with the general dark background. They bring a glimpse of sunlight and heat into the bleak atmosphere.

The symbol of the coming spring are green ivy leaves growing on the back of the old man, as well as a tangle of interlaced vines above his head, reminiscent of a crown. On the mat you see a coat of arms as a sign that the painting was made at the request of the emperor.

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