Watermill by Meindert Hobbema

Watermill by Meindert Hobbema

In the XVII century, in Dutch landscape painting, along with Rembrandt reigned Jacob van Ruisdal. From the Amsterdam students of Ruisdael, Mayndert Hobbema acquired almost greater fame than the teacher. Mayndert Gobbema – the last of the great Dutch landscape painters of the XVII century.

The paintings of Gobbem are distinguished by their simplicity, naturalness and thoroughness of execution. The artist attracts trees, dense forest, types of villages, church bell tower, lost in the haze on the horizon, illuminated by the sunlight medium plan. Often the main motif in such landscapes is the Ancient Mill.


variations of the master on this subject are kept in different Museums of the world, this picture is one of them. With the mill in the mind of man, in any case, European culture, many ideas and ideas are associated, which always emotionally color our perception of it both in reality and in art. With her traditionally connected with the idea of privacy, colored romantic experiences.

Infinitely flowing water is associated with the idea of the immutability of being, the rotating wheel – the main mechanism of the mill – through the allusion to the “wheel of Fortune” introduces the idea of the vicissitudes of fate into the circle of imagery.

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