Walking at sunset by Victor Borisov-Musatov

Walking at sunset by Victor Borisov Musatov

Familiar landscape: a white two-story house, a park, a path to the house. Girls are walking in the foreground. Perhaps they walked together, but then divided into two groups – on the right rallied together three against one – on the left.

Something happened between them – some kind of conflict, most likely related to heart affairs. The one on the left, with a fan, is evidently very surprised, why suddenly her friends turned away from her? The far right, in a blue dress with a long scarf, proudly turned away, most likely from the rival.

The far right, in shawls on her shoulders, also turned away, supporting her girlfriend next to her. And only the girl in the center tried to explain something, that they did not expect such perfidy from the girlfriend. But her awkward smile makes it clear that she does not know exactly which girlfriends are right. Evening. The sky was covered with gloomy clouds. Trees and bushes have already covered themselves in the evening dusk.

But the last rays of the sun are still gilding the upper part of the building, they are covered with sunlight on the path, the dresses of the girls. The picture does not look sad, despite the sad story. And the sun has not yet set completely beyond the horizon, and the girls are still so young that their conflict will soon be forgotten, and life is so beautiful!

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