Muse by Mikhail Vrubel

The muse of every artist lives in his imagination. Even if the master considers the real woman to be the bearer of his inspiration, then the fantasy still gives the

Demon seated by Mikhail Vrubel

All the paintings of M. Vrubel were created in a mysterious and fabulous atmosphere. Especially his demons. In 1891, M. Vrubel painted 30 illustrations for the new anniversary edition of

Faust by Mikhail Vrubel

Triptych was created to decorate the interior of the house of one of the patrons of the Morozovs. The plot is well known not only as the basis of numerous

Flying demon by Mikhail Vrubel

Like many of the master’s works, the picture remained unfinished. The master worked well the background, which is a typical Caucasian landscape. As for the very figure of the demon,

Valkyrie by Michael Vrubel

From the Old Icelandic “Valkyrie” – “choosing the dead dead”. In the Scandinavian mythology, these are warlike virgins who obey the god Odin. They participate in the distribution of deaths