View of Over by Vincent van Gogh

View of Over by Vincent van Gogh

After the course of treatment Van Gogh returns to Paris, but after three days leaves it and leaves for Over in the Oise. Here he hoped to forget about the bustle of the big city and find the silence so necessary for his soul.

In this village lived a doctor Paul Gachet, who was fond of painting and was a connoisseur of contemporary art. He was familiar with such artists as Monticelli, Paul Cezanne, Camille Pissarro. On the advice of the latter, Theo Van Gogh asked Gachet to take Vincent under his care.

Soon Gachet became a best friend for the artist. In many ways, thanks to him, Van Gogh lived in the Over several months, filled with tranquility and creativity. Rural types inspired the artist to create new canvases, as, for example, this picture.

Here, Van Gogh depicted a group of village houses located at the foot of the hill. The artist is attracted by unusual sunlight: against the background of the shaded hillside the white walls of the houses glow brightly. An open composition, even rhythms, bear a mood of peace and tranquility.

The whole picture is made in soft pastel colors. However, the swirling chaotic brushstrokes in the foreground bring some shade of disorder and anxiety. Nevertheless, this does not disturb the overall harmony of the canvas.

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