Three heroes by Victor Vasnetsov

Three heroes by Victor Vasnetsov

Vasnetsov is called a great artist. And his paintings are a bold confirmation of this. One of the bright paintings, which, probably, is familiar from childhood to all – “Three heroes.” When an attentive spectator looks at this canvas, he begins to notice many interesting and necessary details that complement the topic. Who are these heroes who bravely peer into the distance? What is their purpose, and what future awaits the heroes?

All that surrounds the heroes in the picture, confirms the painful war time. To their right is the grave. At the same time, I noticed that there are only two

of them, which means that it can not be a cemetery. People are buried directly on the field, where until recently there was a harvest, judging by the ripening ears. But the land in this place is not equal, as it should be in the fields, but the whole of it is digested here and there.

Which proves that it was in this area that the fighting took place. Young pine trees, grown instead of wheat, say that in this condition, the Russian land is already there for a while. A sign of the war is also the birds that peck corpses, they always turn and gather where there is something to profit. And the sky already screams about the storm, about the war, and about the suffering. There is no peace on earth, and there is no joy.

The image of mighty and strong men convinces me that they did not go for a walk. Their attentive glance looks at the ground with confidence. This readiness is the guarantee of a future happy life. But for this to be possible, someone sacrifices his rest and tranquility for the good of others. The heroes are fully armed and look very strict.

It becomes clear that in those far years troubled life in Russia. People and the land itself needed protection, which was to protect them from all sides. Therefore, hopes were born with the advent of each hero, who took upon himself the duty to serve the people without fear for his life. Legends were born, which were called to strengthen the spirit of the people. And the future, both heroes and legends about them – is to remain in the memory of mankind. That’s why there are such works as V. Vasnetsov’s picture “Three heroes”.

Thus, they continue to serve the public good. Not to strengthen the militant mood, but as a warning to everyone that it is not worth thinking about the war and its capabilities. Strength and power are the guardians of society, which means that protection and tranquility will live in the hearts of many.

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