The wheat field at dawn and the reaper II by Vincent Van Gogh

The wheat field at dawn and the reaper II by Vincent Van Gogh

In Saint-Remy, Van Gogh painted a lot. Despite the fact that he was in the position of a patient, the artist did not lack any plots at all. He found decent everything that he saw, drawing rooms and corridors of the hospital, portraits of patients and supervisors, views from his window. Being under supervision, he could even draw in nature.

In the painting “Wheat field at dawn and reaper” the artist painted a view opening from the window of his chamber. On the horizon, a series of low bluish mountains can be seen, and the entire foreground space occupies a wide field covered with ripe wheat. Van

Gogh often painted this species at different times of the day.

Dawn landscape, he writes very light tones, sometimes muffling them ohristo-brown shades. He uses long, scattered strokes to represent the sky with a rising solar disk. Wheat spikes are written with spiral swirls.

The image of the reaper Van Gogh gave special significance. At the end of the creative path, this image was replaced on his canvases by an equally frequent seeder. Referring to the famous biblical parable, the artist wrote that he sees in the reaper the personification of death, because he mows the fruits brought by nature.

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