The Virgin with the Child by Mikhail Vrubel

The Virgin with the Child by Mikhail Vrubel

Vrubel turned to the evangelical subjects for the first time during his studies at the Academy of Arts. Moving to Kiev – at the invitation of art critic A. Prahov – for the restoration work in the church of St. Cyril and the design of the Cathedral of Vladimir became fatal. Works in Kiev’s temples helped the artist’s creative self-identification.

In addition to the restoration, he performed several compositions for the Church of St. Cyril in exchange for the lost, painted the icon “Our Lady with the Child” and suggested the commission sketches of the murals of the Cathedral

of Vladimir, which she rejected. The motivation for this refusal was the discrepancy of the Byzantine tradition, to which the decorators were supposed to orient.

Vrubel agreed to follow this tradition, but boldly modernized it, filling it with the tragic psychology typical of the end of the XIX century. Of course, with the religious painting of V. Vasnetsov and M. Nesterov, after all, they fulfilled the order, this approach could not get along. A. Prahov said that the works of Vrubel are so original that they should be built under a separate temple in a completely new style.

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