The Troy Fire by Adam Elsheimer

The Troy Fire by Adam Elsheimer

In this picture of a small format written on a copper board, the scene of the flight of Aeneas with a family from the captured and blazing fire of Troy is presented. In the night mist, illuminated by torches in the hands of fleeing fugitives, you can distinguish the outlines of the fortress, temples, the wooden horse of the Greeks.

A striking dramatic effect is achieved by flickering, flashes of anxious light in the black impenetrable darkness that swept the earth. A feature of Elsheimer’s landscapes is the illusion of the vast extent of space, arising from the close comparison of near and far planes.

So, captures with its grandeur the star-studded sky with a flying comet, reflected in the smooth surface of the river, boundless, bottomless, spread over the fallen ground, over a small group of people basking at the fire on the shore.

A cozy peaceful fire, glowing in the darkness, and the cold glow of the stars in the sky are compared and felt in their special beauty of the great and the small, the finite and the eternal. Thanks to chiaroscuro, Elsheimer achieves a rare pictorial unity and poetic mood in his works.

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