The Third of May by Francisco de Goya

The Third of May by Francisco de Goya

Goya deeply worried about the events connected with Napoleon’s invasion. Tragically ended the uprising of Madrid has not left indifferent artist in May 1808.

In March 1808, the French troops of Napoleon came to Madrid. Charles IV had abdicated in favor of his son, Ferdinand VII. When Napoleon Bonaparte came to Madrid, he became the ruler of Spain and the royal family until 1814, it was considered prisoners.

The French were executed without trial, all Spaniards, who, in their opinion, took part in the uprising. Volleys French platoon, shoot all without charge or trial, echoed throughout Spain. The country broke out guerilla , people covered by a passionate sense of national debt, rebelled against the French.

Goya, drawing the execution of six years, has created a true masterpiece of drama, failing to grasp the essence of the event. He captured the shooting patriots on Mount Príncipe Pío, where at dawn on May 3 killed 43 people.

There is a story of the artist’s servants how he accompanied him to the place of execution, “among puddles of blood, we saw many corpses, some were lying on his back, the other buried in the earth.” According to him, in the place of execution the artist made sketches.

The executioners, these anonymous soldiers, dutifully obeyed orders to kill all the suspects, who were placed in a row in front of them. In the center of the picture – a peasant with her hands raised, his face and posture express a mixture of fear, pride and humility in front of the approaching death.

Established Goya picture shakes his simple and emotionally rich composition, color scheme works. Place penalty yellow light flashing lamps. On the ground – the dead bodies and blood streams.

According to eyewitnesses, Goya was painting a picture not only brush, he used his fingers, cloth, knife and other tools at hand.

Describing this picture, one of the researchers said that it will always be modern.

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