The Prodigal Son by Oleg Korolev

The Prodigal Son by Oleg Korolev

The transcendent part of human nature is always aimed at finding its own Eternal Source and inevitably has doubts about the visible reality. The perceived conditional-illusory environment requires study and overcoming…

Surrealism, through its own internal absurdity and paradox, destroys the credibility of the visible reality, is an aesthetic play of the human imagination with nostalgia for eternal spiritual freedom. But the Visionary Art has another field of play, The contemplative artist himself is a participant in this action, he no longer plays with the symbols and their mechanical constructions

with the mind, but operates with energies, forces that give birth and bear these images, intuitively, acting spontaneously, trying simply “to give “painting itself to manifest.

A contemplative artist can not be an Atheist, he always serves a certain Higher Power and represents it in his creativity and his own life.

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