The Last Supper by Nikolay Ge

The Last Supper by Nikolay Ge Nikolai Ge’s “The Last Supper” is a powerful, powerful work depicting a well-known biblical scene, which was addressed by many artists: classics like Rubens and Leonardo da Vinci, and avant-garde artists, for example, Salvador Dali. The painting by Nicholas Ge shows a very small room in which are Jesus Christ and the apostles. Jesus bowed his head and leaned his elbows on the couch, John was at his feet, several people stood at his head, the old wise Peter at the head of the table. A powerful light source, which is very symbolically obscured by the figure of Judas, brightly illuminates the face of the apostle Peter, the tablecloth, which is covered with a table, the head of Christ and the troubled eyes of the apostles. Everyone who is in this room, confused by what he did there, they can not understand his motives and goals. Only the face of Jesus does not express vexation or disappointment, he, like no one else understands human greed and greed, the victim of which sometimes become people themselves. Judas is a kind of embodiment of all the dark and nasty in a man, the artist tries to reveal the boundless greed and self-interest of man. Even Leonardo da Vinci believed that the nature of a person can be limited only by law, otherwise, he will surpass in his rigidity any beast.

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