The head of a white horse by Theodore Gericault

The head of a white horse by Theodore Gericault

“The head of a white horse”, stored in the Louvre, looks very natural, which indicates the plastic skill of the artist. The motif is also quite rare in canvases of the early XIX century.

The stunningly convincing image of a bony head with bloated nostrils and sad, completely human eyes produces such a powerful impression on the viewer that some critics sarcastically called this work a kind of self-portrait of the author himself. This jeer GĂ©riko perceives as a compliment.

In his response to a review by one of the critics, the artist notes: “I believe that horses are the most faithful

and devoted beings in the world, and I would be happy if I had at least a drop of that nobility and courage that is inherent in these animals. they are capable of betrayal, of people, alas, this can not be said… And as for my external similarity with this horse, I can assure you: I’m flattered! “

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