The Feast of the Gods by Giovanni Bellini

The Feast of the Gods by Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini is a great Italian artist. He created many paintings, which now belong to the largest museums in the world. One of his works is the most famous. This picture is still admired and associated with it many mysteries and mysteries. The painting is called “Feast of the Gods” and refers to the last period of the artist’s work, when he turned to mythological themes.

The size of the picture: 170 x 188 cm. Currently stored in the gallery National Gallery of Art, USA, Washington. This picture is also famous for the fact that, according to historians, art historians, is the first picture

of the Venetian school on a mythological theme.

There is a suggestion that another well-known painter, Titian, helped to write this picture of Giovanni Bellini, in particular, it was he who wrote the central landscape and landscape on the left side of the picture. Titian worked on the canvas after the death of Bellini. He changed the landscape and added mountains behind the figures of the group of Gods. This was done so that the picture looked harmoniously with another picture in the same room – “Bacchanalia”.

The painting was written specially for the Ferrara residence of Alfonso I d’Este. In addition to the fact that two artists worked on the painting at once, so that the canvas turned out to be the most believable and corresponding to the ancient myths, the participation in the creation was accepted by the antiquarian Mario Equicola, and also by an Isabella d’Este who was the customer’s sister.

The plot of the picture illuminates one of the ancient poems of the author Ovid, which is called “Fasts.” The poem tells that the God of fertility Priap tried to seduce the nymph Lotus, while she slept, but the ass Silen suddenly suddenly yelled and prevented the plans of Priapus. In the painting, the artist painted a whole host of Gods: Jupiter with an eagle, Poseidon with Cybele and Ceres, Hermes on a barrel, Bacchus with a wreath.

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