Swing by Nicola Lancre

Swing by Nicola Lancre

The artist portrayed here a cheerful society, consisting of seven persons, which on the green forest lawn spends carelessly its leisure time and, by the way, has fun with rocking on a rope swing.

Large spreading trees, sustained in warm brownish-green tones, obscure the sky, and only in the middle, as if parting, leave a bright spot against which the figure of a lady on a swing, dressed in a dress of light red-cherry color, very favorably looms.

Swings are set in motion by a gentleman standing near. The expression of his face shows how seriously and intently he is engaged in the discharge of his duty.

He is dressed in a green-yellow caftan. The rest of the company, divided into two groups, sat in the grass and engaged in merry chatter. Dresses cut in the first half of the XVIII century, red and blue – on the figures of the left group and golden brown, yellow and light blue – on the figures of the right group. All of these colors give interesting spots that perfectly harmonize with the dark green background of the landscape.

It is impossible not to notice that the very choice of plot, composition, and even partly colors and paintings indicate the undoubted influence of Watteau. Some dryness inherent in this picture depends on a careful discharge of details and on the significant predominance of bitumen, especially noticeable in the contours of the face of the lady sitting on the swing and in the decoration of the foliage of the trees. In general, the picture feels the absence of the freshness and vitality that fascinate the viewer in the works of Watteau.

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