Storm (South-West wind). by Giovanni Fattori

Storm (South West wind). by Giovanni Fattori

Fattori was familiar with the sea from early childhood. It appeared before him in a variety of moods. Calm, raging, indifferent, proud, dazzlingly beautiful, warm and affectionate, “any of these sea moods” we can find in Fattori’s works, amazing, for example, his late Sunset over the Sea, “1890-95, playing amazing tonal transitions, which Monet could have envied.

The dark human silhouette against the background of this element of colors “deepens the sound of the picture, gives it special expressiveness and, if I may say so, metaphysics.” The earlier Storm is also strong.

” The viewer is separated from the sea by a fairly wide strip of shore, but still we feel as if on our faces a salty, cruel breath of a storm. The south-west wind drives the lead waves to the shore, tears up the crowns of trees, creaks their trunks creakily. But it is felt that the artist is not so much afraid of the storm as he admires it. Moreover, he rejoices at her, takes it with delight as an obligatory purification of nature.

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