Stigmatization of St. Francis by Jan van Eyck

Stigmatization of St. Francis by Jan van Eyck

The painting “Stigmatization of St. Francis” was written by artist Jan van Eyck in 1428-1429. The desire in any scene, in any person and subject to reflect primarily the beauty of the universe had a strong impact on the interpretation of space.

For example, the Ghent altar, preserving the spatiality and airiness of the miniatures of the 20s of the 15th century, communicates these qualities to program principles, worldview. The space in the Ghent Altar has a heightened perspective. It is no accident, judging by the point of view, the viewer is connected not so much with figures, as with distant

points in the background. The viewer’s eyes very often slide over the stage or pass through it to then go into the landscape.

In the Ghent Altar man merged with the universe in a kind of landscape unity. Here in the picture of Jan van Eyck’s Stigmatization of St. Francis and the landscape distance, both the person and the detail of the object have such emphatic expressiveness that the one, to some extent depriving the scene of her everyday naturalness, making her more “still-life”, gives her a huge strength of artistic and emotional impact.

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