Self-portrait with yellow lilies by Natalia Goncharova

Self portrait with yellow lilies by Natalia Goncharova

This work, above all, a self-portrait of the artist: the author depicted herself against the background of the studio walls hung with paintings. Vigorous expressive painting creates an image of a calm, self-confident strong woman. The color accent of the painting is bright warm colors of orange-yellow lilies against the background of cold white-bluish tones of the blouse.

The chair depicted in the background can be regarded as a reference to the famous “portraits” of Van Gogh’s authorship chairs.

In the hall of the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val, Goncharova’s self-portrait hangs next to the self-portrait of Mikhail Larionov, compositional repetition of his wife’s portrait, as well as a kind of head-dress in the form of a carelessly tied turban.

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