Self-Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh

Self Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh

This is one of the Parisian self-portraits of Van Gogh, created during the formation of his picturesque manner and artistic ideals. The author wrote self-portraits both for the purpose of creative self-expression, and in order to “fill his hand” in drawing people, find the most suitable for this painting tools. Many of the self-portraits remain sketches, which can not be said about this work in 1886.

The painting is written in the style of realism. Van Gogh chose a dark sirenic-red background to highlight a face illuminated by artificial light. Competently assembled self-portrait, the artist draws

himself a half-turn, carefully and correctly modeling the volume and shape of the head with the help of smoothly shifting each other shades.

The author carefully selects colors, uses a subtle nuance, so that in the image of the face you can find many tones of ocher, pink, yellow, purple, which take that cold or warm colors depending on the degree of illumination. In the shadows, the skin acquires a lilac or greenish-gray hue.

All the artist’s attention is focused on the image of the face. Especially expressively written eyes, carefully and focusedly looking at the viewer. The other features are also written very carefully. The artist pays minimal attention to clothes. The blue suit and the white collar of the shirt are written in wide fluffy strokes, without drawing details of the cut-off modeling of shapes.

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