Self-Portrait by Anthony Van Dyck

Self Portrait by Anthony Van Dyck

“Self-portrait”, written by Van Dyck, after he returned from Italy, is the pearl of the Hermitage collection. He is one of the best works of the artist in his genre. The portrait conveys the elegance of the appearance and originality of nature “the darling of fate”, as the painter called contemporaries.

It was like the European aristocrats who wanted to see their favorite, like a gentleman with a fine face and white, sleek hands. The work of Van Dyck is distinguished by his subtlety inherent in his mature creativity.

The combination of a limited number of colors – brown-pink, black, gray-white – the master managed to preserve the freshness of the full-scale etude and achieve a powerful and picturesque effect. In the guise of an elegant young man, a characteristic for the era of the artist as an artist involved in the world of harmony and beauty is displayed.

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