Self-portrait by Alexey Antropov

Self portrait by Alexey Antropov

This portrait of Antropov was written when he was nearly seventy years old. Portraits of elderly people especially succeeded the artist. I. Sakharova, the largest researcher of AP Antropov’s art, comparing this work with the famous family portrait of the artist, the work of PS Drozhdin, believes that this is a self-portrait of AP Antropov, but the scientific staff of the Russian Museum, where the portrait is, hold a different opinion.

In the museum’s last catalog, the work is listed as “a portrait of an unknown person in a black caftan”, “the soft warmth and juiciness of the color scale are inherent, reminiscent of the artist’s closeness to folk traditions.” Without going into the spiritual world of the model, Antropov achieves an amazing completeness and vitality of the image.

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