Seafood by Jacopo Dzukki

Seafood by Jacopo Dzukki

Florentine mannerist Jacopo Dzukki created many works for decorating palaces and villas. One of them is a small canvas “Sea Gifts”, which represents the allegory of the discovery of America.

On the rocky island sit Nereids and the sea god, their bodies are decorated with pearls and corals, and around it are scattered the captured treasures – pearls and various shapes of shells, among which are also a coral twig, a large crab and a snail.

All the sea to the horizon is full of diving and swimming in the boats of hunters for underwater beauty, and on the islands that are seen in the distance people also celebrate the generosity of the water element. Lightness and fun filled this picture, a humorous hue is brought into it by a monkey, with beads and earrings on it.

Carefully drawn out beautiful details, the artist gave his work decorative, which was so appreciated by his customers. But for all the ease of the depicted, it carries a deep meaning: as the Renaissance humanists taught after ancient philosophers, life in the bosom of nature not only reassures the person, but also improves him.

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