Religion, which helps Spain – Titian Vecellio

Religion, which helps Spain   Titian Vecellio

In the early 1570s, Philip II ordered Titian two large paintings-allegories: “Religion, which helps Spain” and “Philip II’s offering.” Both works were sent to Madrid in September 1575. To perform this painting, the artist used the idea of ​​his work, which began 40 years ago. Left – Spain, in the image of a woman with a spear. Her army also consists of women.

Right – Religion, almost naked and unhappy woman. In the background, Neptune, dressed as a Turk, hints at the Ottoman naval power, which will soon be weakened. Showing a naked female figure, Titian manifests himself as an artist of advanced views. If in Gothic it was an image of lust and sin, then in the Renaissance it was a form of justice, religion, faith, etc. Titian uses a strong light that illuminates both main figures, receiving an atmospheric effect, supplemented by a moving army. Despite the free smear, the artist carefully writes out the details of the first plan.

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