Poster of Jane Avril by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Poster of Jane Avril by Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

“Jardin de Paris” very soon became the most fashionable place in the city, because there “they smoked in a big way”. Oller provided for its visitors entertainment for all tastes: there was a dance floor, an arena for circus numbers, a shooting range, a bar, and slides for roller-skating, and show booths with belly dancing dancers and fortune tellers.

Here performers of the “violent quadrille” “Moulin Rouge” performed. Once, La Gulya, raising her leg high, dared to bring down the hat from the Prince of Wales himself: “Hey, d’Wales, treat yourself to champagne!” In this atmosphere of a frivolous holiday, among the illuminated trees, the “most beautiful maidens of Paris, accompanied by their keepers,” roamed victoriously.

Lautrec compiled for Jane Avril a poster, surprisingly combined with this luxurious cafe. Perhaps he had never achieved such ease in his posters.

What can be more beautiful than this poster in the Japanese style, which depicts a dancer with a sad face. She lifted her lower skirts in a black stocking. In the foreground Lautrec drew a huge vintage double bass, an unusually spiritual one – you could have thought that life was breathed into him.

“Ah, life, life!” “exclaimed Lautrec, and in his beautiful eyes flashed a mocking twinkle.

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