Portrait of the poet GR Derzhavin-1795 by Vladimir Borovikovsky

Portrait of the poet GR Derzhavin 1795 by Vladimir Borovikovsky

Brilliant samples of virtuosic possession of the brush and. by all means of the ceremonial image of steel in the work of Borovikovsky’s portrait of G. Derzhavin. The artist captures an energetic, powerful husband, a senator, a member of the Russian Academy and a famous poet – a man keen on public affairs, educational ideals and creativity. The painter writes the great son of Russia with utmost respect and with a friendly disposition.

Full of strength and energy, with a ruddy face, Derzhavin is depicted seated in an armchair by a desk, littered with manuscripts. In general, the composition and

the multicolor coloring are quite traditional for the 18th century. Borovikovsky created a completely vital image of Derzhavin. However, in this early portrait, fascinated by the beauty of painting, he was unable to disclose the wealth of the inner world of the great poet, it will be possible for the artist in the Second portrait. But still this first portrait of the poet in the works of artists of the eighteenth century best corresponds to the image of Derzhavin, and the sonority of his poems.

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