Portrait of the painter by El Greco

Portrait of the painter by El Greco

El Greco managed to saturate the art of the portrait with immense spiritual wealth. Some of the master’s works go beyond his portrait style, lose his psychological isolation, come into contact with the environment. To this type can be attributed “Portrait of a painter” from the Seville Museum of Fine Arts, which is usually considered a portrait of Jorge Manuel.

It is possible that there is another Spanish master there. El Greco did not set out to convey in him that state of self-deepening or special spiritual significance that distinguishes his other portrait works.

He creates a sort of ceremonial secular image of a young painter with typical attributes of his profession, a long brush that he holds with graceful fingers, a very small and narrow palette with black, white, red and ocher colors.

The expression of an attractive person differs with the unusual portraits of El Greco, animation, gestures – activity, posing positively posing. The nature of the portrait corresponds to a virtuoso painting solution, built on an effective combination of silver-gray, black and white.

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