Portrait of the artist’s wife Marie-Jeanne Busot by Francois Boucher

Portrait of the artists wife Marie Jeanne Busot by Francois Boucher

A painting by the French painter Francois Boucher “Portrait of the Artist’s Wife, Marie-Jeanne Busot”. The size of the painting is 57 x 68 cm, canvas, oil. This portrait in the interior of the rococo master brush is also known as “Madame Boucher”. In 1733, Francois Boucher was married to a seventeen-year-old pretty girl, the beautiful Marie-Jeanne Buso.

The image of Marie-Jeanne in the future work of Boucher will be present in many paintings of the painter. The artist’s wife served as a model for the numerous goddesses and nymphs created by Bush in the scenes of paintings

of mythological themes, as well as a model in a number of genre paintings.

In 1735, Francois Boucher began to teach the art of drawing and painting at the Royal Academy, first as an assistant master, and then as a master of painting. But despite this constant income, the Bushe family was constrained, and most likely, it was for this reason that in the second half of the 1830s François Boucher began to work in the genre of theatrical scenery and at the manufactory in Beauvais, where he created numerous cardboard for carpets.

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