Portrait of Maria Tudor by Antonio Moro van Dashorst

Portrait of Maria Tudor by Antonio Moro van Dashorst

Antonio Mor van Dashorst – Dutch portrait painter of the 16th century, worked at the courts of Spain, Italy and England.

In the history of European art, the master entered as the creator of a new type of ceremonial aristocratic portrait, widely spread. “Portrait of Mary Tudor” – the most famous work of the master, considered a masterpiece of portrait painting.

The Queen of England is depicted sitting in a chair, upholstered in luxurious red velvet. Her posture is static, which gives the picture a ceremonial solemnity. The artist impartially imprinted the outward appearance of

a no longer young model, trying to reveal the character of the ruler.

In her right hand Maria Tudor holds a red rose – heraldic sign of her family, in the left – gloves decorated with precious stones. Miserly coloring, precise elaboration of jewelry, the intense pose of the Queen convey the incredible firmness, strength and authority of her character.

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