Portrait of Laura Battifery by Agnolo Bronzino

Portrait of Laura Battifery by Agnolo Bronzino

Painting Angelo Bronzino “Portrait of Laura Battifery.” The size of the picture is 83 x 60 cm, wood, oil. From the brilliant series of aristocratic portraits created by the Italian master, Laura’s portrait is distinguished by a special refinement: a refined profile of a haughty face, a graceful neck in delicate lace, sleek long fingers holding a book.

In portraits, the artist consistently applies Manneristic pictorial techniques to achieve decorative and grace forms, his paintings are distinguished by careful execution and aristocratic restraint of images. Many of his models are members

of the Medici family, whose court artist he was from 1540.

One of the best portraitists of his time, Bronzino often portrays his models in strangely fixed poses. In his portraits there is some alienation, an arrogant isolation, which involuntarily induces the viewer to peer closely at them to discover the hidden movement of the senses.

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