Portrait of Domenico Marini by Karl Bryullov

Portrait of Domenico Marini by Karl Bryullov

Briullov’s new aspirations for his remarkable incarnation were found in a small portrait of the famous Italian discobolus – Domenico Marini. In the dynamics of the reversal of his figure, in the sharpness of the upturned head, in the fiery eyes of burning eyes and the angry compression of the lips, there is such a force of feelings that makes the portrait of the discobolist personification of human courage, courage and daring.

The contrast between the sparkling white shirt of Marini and the swarthy skin of his face and the muscular arm that is bare to the elbow strengthens the expression of the

image. Already contemporaries rightly caught in the portrait of Marini traits of the heroes of the future painting “The Last Day of Pompeii.” “Russian painter Bryullov,” wrote an Italian critic about the portrait of Marini, “a fan of anyone who rises above the ordinary sphere, wrote it in Rome.

How much art in this small canvas! At what a happy moment the athlete is caught, the forehead of which you see shines with sweat. The faithfulness of the drawing, the bold and majestic movement, and finally the execution of the great master, foreshadowed the creator of the picture depicting “The Last Day of Pompeii.”

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