Portrait of a Chevalier by Jean Antoine Watteau

Portrait of a Chevalier by Jean Antoine Watteau

Painting of the French artist Antoine Watteau “Portrait of a Knight”. The size of the picture is 130 x 97 cm, canvas, oil. The painting is also known as “Portrait of a Gentleman”. Cavalier, in the Middle Ages – a member of the knightly order; knight; noble title in Italy and Spain. In the Renaissance and later times the word cavalier began to be used in the sense meaning of the boyfriend.

In England, under the estate of gentlemen, we mean all landowners who do not belong to the highest nobility, as well as doctors, lawyers, priests, and generally persons with a scientific degree.

The highest class of gentry form the monarchs granted to hereditary barons and knights of orders.

The beloved English expression “gentleman” means about a person with education and decent manners, who earn their livelihoods not with the labors of hands and with petty trade.

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