Over a beer by Edouard Manet

Over a beer by Edouard Manet

The painting “Mug of beer” was written at the end of 1872 at the beginning of 1873. The work was accepted by the contemporary art salon warmly enough, received many positive reviews and earned an honorable place, according to the venerable jury consisting of serious and eminent personalities among the artistic intelligentsia.

The canvas was created at a time when Edouard Manet was one of the leading and highly respected impressionist painters in the French art school. Cloth is located in the Museum of Art, in Philadelphia. The canvas was created from life in the cafe “Gherbouy”, in

which the “Mane gang” gathered every day to discuss the news and argue about art.

The portrait depicts one of the frequent guests of this cafe – the artist engaged in lithography, Emil Belo. He is depicted sitting near a small round-shaped table, on it stands a full cup of beer, which Emil Belo tightly clasped with his big fingers. It was this pictorial work, more reminiscent in its embodiment of etude sketch brought the artist, so desired success. The picture was praised and given high value to it. Emil Belo’s figure is as if immersed in darkness, it embraces a rich black background. Lithographer Belo is depicted with a tube in a suit of dark, grayish shades with a matte shimmer. The bright spots in the picture are Emil’s flustered, drunk face with a reddened nose.

The image turned out to be open, I can even say “naked”, evoking empathy, understanding of the image. The picture is characterized by the priority of light in fashioning the image. This is almost a pure photograph. The main thing here is drawing light. The fragile matter of the mug echoes a light stream of smoke in another part of the picture, closing the overall compositional diagonal. Special rhythm of the canvas is set by glare and white details, such as a tube, a collar, cuffs. The image was very natural, tangible. It seems that gaiety and hops seize you too, so portrait-like was contagiously and truthfully. The dark color resembles the shades of dark beer that fill the picture space only for a moment, showing, like a silhouette, the regular Gufua cafe.

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