Nymph and shepherd by Titian Vecellio

Nymph and shepherd by Titian Vecellio

It comes from the collection of Bartolomeo della Nave in Venice. In 1638-1649 – in the collection of the Duke of Hamilton in London, then – in the collection of the Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in Brussels.

After death, the latter: passed along with his entire collection to the Austrian Habsburgs. There are various transcriptions of the plot of the picture: her characters are identified with Endymion and Diana, Anchises and Venus, Paris and Enona, Daphnis and Chloe, the heroes of the “Frenzied Roland” by Ariosts Angelica and Medor, etc.

The posture of the reclining nymph is inspired

by the engraving of Giulio Campagnola, close to Giorgione, and the statue of Michelangelo’s Work Day. The main motifs of the landscape – a large tree and the trunk of a broken tree on the right – repeat the motifs of Titian’s early pastoral scene “Three Ages”

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