Nude young woman with a mirror by Giovanni Bellini

Nude young woman with a mirror by Giovanni Bellini

Picture Giovanni Bellini “Nude young woman with a mirror” – one of the last works of the Italian painter. The size of the picture is 62 x 79 cm, wood, oil.

The image of a nude woman is unconventional for the master’s work. The face of a young woman sitting by the window with a mirror in the hand of a young woman is thoughtful, the subtle features inherent in a high origin are simple and noble. Calmness, clear spirituality is characteristic of all the best works of the mature period of Bellini. Outside the window one can see an evening landscape: a dense blue sky, mountains in the distance and a thin strip of a departing sunset.

This picture depicting an idealized model and a landscape in the distance resembles some of the picturesque works of Bellini representing the Virgin Mary. Nevertheless, in this case, the artist, of course, had no intention of creating an object of religious veneration; this nude reveals a secular ideal of female beauty.

Works Bellini executed after 1510 inherent monumentality and features that appeared in the works of young contemporaries of the artist who became the source of a new trend in Venetian painting.

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