Geologists by Pavel Nikonov

The work appeared in 1962 at an exhibition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Moscow Union of Artists. The exposition was visited by N. S. Khrushchev and criticized a

Northern Village by Pavel Nikonov

Pavel Nikonov, together with Viktor Popkov, turned in their works to the tragic situation of the Russian village in the era of its collective-farm existence. But their vision of peasant

Bare tree by Pavel Nikonov

Byt-descriptive plots and landscapes of Pavel Nikonov, as a rule, are images not generated by the artist’s creative imagination, but real pictures of life filled with emotionality and figuratively generalized

Our weekdays by Pavel Nikonov

The appearance in 1960 of this painting by Pavel Nikonov caused a scandal in the highest artistic circles. They said that it should not be exhibited, since the Soviet people

Travelers by Pavel Nikonov

Since the time of the “severe style” the pictorial style of P. F. Nikonov has undergone significant changes. His later paintings are associative and metaphorical in nature. The space and