Night view of the district of Saruvaka-mati by Utagawa Hiroshige

Night view of the district of Saruvaka mati by Utagawa Hiroshige

Until 1841, the buildings of the Kabuki Theater were located in the Ginza quarter. In 1841, a fire broke out, all the buildings of the theater burned and part of the neighborhood adjacent to them. Therefore, the government of bakufu ordered the transfer of the three main theaters of the capital: Nakamuradza, Ichimuradz and Moritadza from the city center to the Asakusa district, where the “green quarters” of Yesivara were located. After moving to a new location, the quarter where the troupe of the Kabuki Theater settled down, became even more popular. He was named Saruvak-mother, in honor of the first head of the Nakamuradz troupe – Saruvak Kanzaburo, who was considered the creator of the Edo Kabuki. Theaters were located in the same row on the western side of the block, as shown in the engraving.

The first in this row was the Moraitza troupe, it is closest to the audience, followed by Itimuradza, and the next – Nakamuradza. On the roofs of these buildings are structures – yaguras, which say that theaters are officially authorized by the government. Hiroshige depicted the evening time, so the theaters are closed, performances were held in them during the day. Only tea leaves are shown, shown in the engraving on the left. Servants with flashlights, probably escorting guests. In the center of the leaf, the palanquin is waiting for the passenger at the tea-room. The quarter is lit by a full moon.

This is one of the famous engravings of the series. Its latest edition is brighter in color, in addition there is the effect of the glowing windows of the upper floors of the buildings on the right and left. The moon is covered by a light shadow, the color of the sky is more saturated than in the early leaf.

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