New owners by Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky

New owners by Nikolay Bogdanov Belsky

NP Bogdanov-Belsky chose an interesting topic, which he opened to the viewer on his canvas “New Masters”. Here is a family that sits and drinks tea at the table. The usual picture, only that there is something to think about, if you look at it better. So what does the picture seem so special about? What is my attitude to the events taking place here?

The family itself does not cause any questions. About them you can say that they are peasants. Here is the samovar on the table, and simple glasses almost in front of each of them, and ordinary donuts serve as a treat for tea. But nevertheless it is felt, that not ordinary these people who in a rural manner sip a fragrant drink from saucers. The startled fear that has lodged in their eyes, draws the attention of the viewer, who notices the inconsistencies. Why are they so uncomfortable? The picture does not add up into a single whole.

These ordinary people sit on expensive chairs made to order from quality materials. Yes, and some items from the service, standing right there on the table, and these are porcelain cups, and the teapot, they say that they were not born in this house and grew up. All of them here are still strange and unusual. And the house itself is somehow a little like a peasant hut. Columns, high ceilings, some items from the decoration in the house, show that they are still guests here. Perhaps they bought this estate from the ruined former owner, but still do not feel comfortable in it.

The artist clearly emphasizes all the details that separate the tenants from the house in which they are now located. Its white walls are still cold for them. Time will pass and they will redo everything in their own way. The head of the family, with his inherent hostility, may be starting a grandiose renovation here, to which everyone will be happy. And then they will begin to get used to housing, and the house will “prescribe” them as their owners. Then the picture will sound harmonious.

The painter specifically uses cold colors to show coolness and lack of comfort. And on the faces he shows a kind of embarrassment. Thanks to this the picture looks plausible. I want even to come up with a continuation of the story, the story of which the author begins to tell with his work.

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