New Fuji in Meguro by Ando Hiroshige

New Fuji in Meguro by Ando Hiroshige

In addition to the series, the publisher Woya Eckichi released another sheet in which engravings were listed and grouped. Each sheet from “One hundred famous kinds of Edo” is accompanied by the same texts.

In the upper right corner, in a red or pink rectangle, cursive hieroglyphs denote the name of the series: “Mase Edo Hyakkei”; next, in a multi-colored square cartouche, – a description of the place shown in this sheet is short, but capacious. In the lower part of the engraving, on the right or on the left, another red, less often yellow, rectangle is placed, in size coinciding

with the one in which the name of the series stands.

It is the signature of the artist: “Hirosigega” or “Hiroshige hitsu” Hiroshige. “) On the bottom left, in the margins, is the seal of the publisher:” Sitaia Woei. “Next to the publishing press or in the upper fields are two censor stamps:” checked “and stamped with the date in which the month and the cyclical sign of the year of the sheet creation are indicated.

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