Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich

Mother of the World by Nicholas Roerich

Painting “Mother of the World”. We see the Mother of the World beyond the River of Life, which separates the world invisible from the visible. Spathe – boards, covers two thirds of the face. The landscape below – approaches to the Abode of Light through the Himalayas. In space – the stars in the form of figures of the Masters, coming in the devotional prayer adopted in the East.

The Mother of the World is the bearer of the secret knowledge. We see the Mother of the World and two sparkling Nimbus: above the head is a manifestation of the Highest World, a full oval is a manifestation

of different spheres of the Upper World. The shining circles of the Mother of the World are weaved by the radiance of lights. Silver nimbus as a symbol of ray synthesis. We see different gradations of luminous matter. The greatest purity of the glow – in the head. The next oval is a more compressed shine. In the circles there are sky blue-blue tones with a certain shade of mauve. Nimbus is surrounded by waves of light: purple, mauve, blue, blue…

Robe of the Mother of the World. The beautiful silver-blue fabric of Her common veil is decorated with floral and animal ornaments. The Mother of the World is life itself and gives life to the vegetable, animal kingdoms, elemental forces: the birds of Sirin are mysterious and magical birds of joy. The folds of her garments are beautiful, the piping of her garments speaks of perfect form. The veil covers the whole of Her figure. Everything talks about harmony. And we feel at the same time strength, power and at the same time refinement, elegance.

Refined hands are turned with palms to humanity, to the entire Universe, recalling the shape of a heart, consisting of two halves, a heart with eternally flowing, inexhaustible, creative love. It is, as it were, the symbol of a bowl – a vessel of accumulations of crystals of the spirit. In the area near the solar plexus, we see a flower blossoming – as if a symbol of the Fiery world in the region of the energy center. In the neck – a decoratively designed double amulet. The wrists are protected by cuffs – fringed.

The river of life before the Mother of the World: the waters of space, the waters of life, the run-up to the stage of advancement. The waters are of blue and blue color between the Highest world and the Astral world, which is closely connected with the Earth one. The Astral is like a reflection of the Supreme with the world of thought and lower layers of emotions and passions. In the casket of the Mother of the World are crystals of life, transformed by spiritual matter, and all these accumulated riches are for all people.

The Mother of the World sits on the scroll of matter – the fabric of the labor of the Mother of the World is strong, the highest fabric is strong. Scroll – yarns of the suite in the highest strength. It can give matter that gives flight to consciousness. This scroll of the finest fabric of the luminous yarn of the Mother of the World, a scroll of matter, is unlimited. It is so difficult for a person to perceive this subtlest matter! So hard in this dense world! The edges of the scroll of matter are decorated with signs of the cross.

A charming radiance pours from the Mother of the World into space infinity. A diamond halo sparkles above her head, and below, the same sparkling arcs enclose a space from the top of the first circle to the knees. A violet oval glows around her entire figure and the halos of blue, blue and ultramarine diverge. The intensity of light reaches its highest point in the cover on the head of the Mother of the World. Here the shine is not rarefied, but compacted to tangible limits. Bright glares on the folds of clothes at the shoulders illuminate the outline of the figure and are reflected by soft fractional reflexes on the knees, closing the large white circle of the aura.

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