Cradle by Bertha Morisot

The models for the film called “The Cradle” were the sister of Bertha Edma Pontion and her daughter Blanche. This canvas is a kind of ode to motherhood, and the

Summer by Bertha Morizo

The French artist, the representative of impressionism, Berthe Morisot, was the granddaughter of the famous J. O. Fragonard and, perhaps, inherited from her grandfather the striking ease of manner with

Sisters by Bertha Morisot

The extraordinarily bright artist Bertha Morisot, thanks to her indisputable talent, was able to win the respect and recognition in the purely male environment of the Impressionists. Her paintings bear

Isle of Wight by Bertha Morizo

In 1875, Berthe Morisot married his brother Edward Manet Eugène. In the honeymoon the newlyweds go to England. They spend some time on the Isle of Wight, where Berthe Morisot

Shipbuilding by Berthe Morisot

“Construction of ships” is a picture that is laconic in terms of composition and use of painting techniques. Bertha Morisot freely conveys the light-air effects of the gray sky, in

Before the theater by Bertha Morizo

The topic, which Morisot often addressed, and was of particular interest to her, was connected with her society: petty bourgeoisie, who had a good secular education and decent wealth. Women

At the cradle by Berthe Morisot

After meeting with Edouard Manet, Bert Morisot drastically changes his style of painting, freeing himself from the influence of Corot, and even destroys canvases painted during the early creative period.

Sweet Cherry by Bertha Morisot

In the 90s, Morisot’s style of painting received a new development, thanks in large part to Renoir, who remained a devoted friend. Now the composition for the artist occupies a

At the ball by Bertha Morizo

The women of Morizot almost never look at the viewer. They do not smile, do not try to “look”. It seems that the artist strictly-strictly ordered her models to “forget”

Sewing by Berthe Morisot

In the summer of 1881, Eugene and Bert Mans lived in Bougival. This village near Versailles, once a former imperceptible village, by the time being described had turned into a