Monastery of Nishi-Hongadzi in Tsukidzimansake on the shallows Teppozu Tappodzu by Utagawa Hiroshige

Monastery of Nishi Hongadzi in Tsukidzimansake on the shallows Teppozu Tappodzu by Utagawa Hiroshige

On the southern tip of the Teppozu shoal, depicted in the previous engraving, was the Akasit Quarter, where in the Meiji era the government permitted settling the Europeans. The territory was enlarged due to the fact that they filled the marshy area covered with reeds, it was called Tsukiji, many mansions and monasteries were built here. The main among them was Nishi Hongangji of the school of Dzedo-Shinshu, one of the varieties of Buddha’s cult of Amida.

Originally he was in Asakusa, in the Yokoyamate district. During the fire of Mayreki in 1657, he burnt and was rebuilt on the shoal of Teppozu. Believers called this temple Uukiji Gobo, Uukiji Monsaki. His huge roof rises in an engraving above the other houses. Ships in the sea were guided along it, as if by a lighthouse. Here was the port of Edominato, where they reloaded goods from various parts of Japan to small boats. These places were also famous for fishing.

In the background, a fishing boat is visible, from which the nets are thrown. The roof of the temple rises above the strip of yellow-milk mists. The scarlet dawn at the horizon in the later version turns into a darker, almost black strip of boccas. Color combinations remain the same, but in the second variant of printing a large color saturation appears.

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