Minerva by Nicolas Poussin

Minerva by Nicolas Poussin

The sculpture did not occupy a prominent place in the work of the master. True, the wax figurines he made for his “promising box” were, according to contemporaries, remarkably good. But, alas, not one such figure has survived to this day. But preserved a small wax copy of an ancient statue of the sleeping Ariadne.

In addition, Poussin is the author of sketches of garden leaves ordered by Nicolas Fouquet at the end of the 1650s, Minister of Finance at the court of Louis XIV. Germa is a tetrahedral pillar, topped with a sculptural head or upper part of the body of a certain character.


ancient times, the herms performed the function of landmarks and signs, they were crowned with the head of Hermes. By the 16th century, herms had become decorative garden sculptures. At the top you can see the marble “Minerva”, carved on the sketch of Poussin. She stood for a short time in Fuke Park in Vole-Viscount. In 1661, the minister was removed from his post and moved his statues to Versailles.

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