Merlin is in power of spell by Edward Burne-Jones

Merlin is in power of spell by Edward Burne Jones

The image of Merlin came down to us from the depths of centuries of Celtic culture as an image of the educator, faithful counselor and spiritual defender of King Arthur. Always the wisdom-imparted advice to the young king, the seer Merlin gave as wishes or orders. Merlin – the most famous character mythical and poetic tradition of the Celts and medieval stories about King Arthur.

Arthur’s mentor was a talented scientist, he was credited with creating the Brotherhood of the Round Table, erecting the city of Camelot, the capital of the kingdom, and the stone ring in Stonehenge. Anticipating that

Arthur – the future mighty king, who will unite Britain and give her peace, Merlin still took Arthur to his son for education, protecting the infant from conspiracies of other pretenders to the throne. Legend has it that Merlin produced the huge Escalibur sword and, through the power of his magic, enclosed it inside a large stone, on which was inscribed: “Whoever extracts this sword from stone, that is by birth the king over all of Britain.” Arthur was the only one who could do this and rightfully became the ruler of the country.

Merlin’s story comes to an end in an unusual way. The wizard knew his future and discovered Arthur that he did not have long to remain on the ground, begging the king to guard the magic sword of Escalibur. In the picture of Bern Jones, Merlin is bewitched by his lover.

According to one of the legends, he does not die, but turns out to be imprisoned with the magic charms of the fairy of Lake Vivianoy. In order to retain her power over him, she took out the secret of the magic tomb cut in the rock, lured him there and locked it there forever, so Merlin was alive, but completely cut off from the world. ” On this story about Merlin and King Arthur does not end, because somewhere else lives imprisoned Viviane great magician…

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