Little Peasant by Amedeo Modigliani

Little Peasant by Amedeo Modigliani

This is one of several paintings by Modigliani during his stay in the south of France in 1918-19. There were no familiar Parisian scenes here, and he had to look for new subjects for his painting. The model for the six works of the artist was the same boy. Moreover, all these works are completely different.

In some cases, Modigliani wrote a portrait of his hero very expressive; in others, as if it were part of a still life. The color scheme of this work gives a strong influence of Cezanne, and it itself has a rather curious history.

In 1919, Leopold Zborowski, arriving in London, sold the canvas to the British collector, Hugh Blake. Blaker recalled that Zborowski “tried to sell Modigliani’s paintings in London without any success. I was his only buyer.” It is not true.

In fact, then Zborowski managed to sell three works by the artist, but Blaker’s remark is significant. It shows once again how unclaimed Modigliani was at the time.

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