Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe by Edouard Manet

Le Dejeuner sur lHerbe by Edouard Manet

The painting is exhibited for the first time in the famous “Salon des Refuses”, which was opened on 15 May 1863 in Paris by Emperor Napoleon III, and wishing to pass for the defense of freedom and creativity. Then the jury rejected many works of artists are not allowed to participate in the exhibition. Edouard Manet “Salon des Refuses” suggested for dessert a “Luncheon on the Grass”, which caused a storm of emotions, the most severe criticism and the unanimous verdict that the “breakfast” absolutely “inedible”.

Especially outraged the public the fact that a forest glade gathered well-dressed,

shod, and when ties with canes men alongside whom shone naked female bodies. Name of the painting acquires some spicy sense, especially since nothing really edible not shown. The left corner of the front-end contains a hint of food, but can be clearly seen that the tissue flap may be someone’s dress, lying half-empty basket with a few mushrooms, and green leaves can be seen next to a few berries. That’s the whole breakfast.

Two young men quite freely sprawled on the grass, something animatedly talking. One on the right, gesticulating, telling something interesting, fun, because the interlocutor smiles sweetly. Embarrassed smile on his face lights up and sitting next to him a woman. Under her crumpled pale blue cloth, the woman in a light-free posture sitting completely naked, not too young, slightly plump.

The couple sitting next to the same color hair, they are the same age, perhaps the couple. The second woman in a light-free, white shirt could be seen a little further, but she heard a conversation on it can be seen that she listens and smiles, too. The picture is full of light resting, warm bliss. Zola called canvas solid flesh, the simulated flow of light just truthfully and perceptively.

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